Finally, a movement designed to empower

Action-oriented individuals like YOU to achieve new levels of abundance…
And life of your dreams!
Imagine: Defining exactly where you are now,
And learning how to create a continuous cycle of abundance
For yourself and for your community.
It Is Possible with the…

lrsw-movement-lineIt’s my mission to empower 10 million people across the world to Live Rich and Spread Wealth using the tools and systems I have created over the past 20 years.

I’m Melissa Hughes, The Guru of Implementation®, and the CEO and Founder of the Live Rich. Spread Wealth Movement and Company. I earned my first million dollars at the age of 31 and have earned a 6-figure income every year since 1990, consistently growing my business and increasing my revenue annually. I haven’t always lived in abundance, though. My Jamaican parents moved to the United States before I was born, and we always struggled financially – so much so that I took my first job – a paper delivery route – at age 10 so I could contribute financially.

I’ve always been conscious of the difference between earning money to make a living, and earning money to make a difference.

And THAT’S what the Live Rich. Spread Wealth Movement is all about: making money to create a life you love – a life of abundance and service. When you do, you live unapologetically, make confident decisions, and feel more fulfilled than ever before. To begin, you must define how you’re living now. Once you do, you can then identify – and take – the steps necessary to create abundance in your life and in your community.

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Here’s where my Live Rich. Spread Wealth Matrix comes in. It’s a tool that you can use to identify exactly where you are on your journey toward your ideal life. It features 4 Quadrants:


* None of the quadrants are any worse or better than the others… the purpose of identifying which one you’re living in, is to help you maximize the time you spend in it and so you can see all the possibilities open to you.

I’ve created a complimentary assessment to identify which quadrant you’re in, so you can fully understand the gifts available to you, and begin to play “full out” within your current situation.  

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The assessment covers topics like:

  • How you feel about your finances – and what that might mean when it comes to your relationship with abundance
  • Your ability to contribute financially to your community as much as you’d like to
  • Systems: whether you have them, what you think about them, and what you believe they can do for you (or what you want them to do for you!
  • Your life’s purpose and how it relates to your ability to create wealth and abundance
  • Your current mindset and how it relates to your personal resources (financial AND emotional)
  • And more!

Once you’ve completed it, you’ll know exactly where you stand AND where you want to go (or if you want to remain right where you are … and that’s great too!)

Ready to begin your journey toward a life of abundance and service? Start here: simply fill in your name, email address, and phone number and I’ll send you the assessment. When you’re finished, you’ll receive your customized results and next steps, instantly!


Here’s to Living Rich and Spreading Wealth – Your Way,


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